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Our Mission

Taking preventable diseases head on, while putting health care back into the rightful hands of it’s owner, which is and has always been the people. LET'S GET IT!

Online Self-Care Platform

As “individuals” we should be our own primary care provider through the empowerment of fact-based reasoning and scientific evidence.

Once one is endowed with that information, the onus is now that “individual's” to respond.

However, what happens in the case where there is rampant misinformation being spread and taken in by those who are looking for practical information to use as a vessel for change? The results would be our current situation we now face in America, the land of abundant resources, but impoverished health status, that transcended all discriminatory factors.

At H-BAMN we take away the intimidation tactics used by those seeking financial gain at the cost of not only your health, but the generations to come. We cut through all the noise and pseudo-complexities to bring you unbiased, sound-right knowledge to empower yourself, your family and your community.


Simply stated, making healthy living practical is our mission.


Join us in the rEVOLution as we take disease and it’s associates head on, as it is our goal to have a large positive impact on our community as a “whole."

By using our online platform we will be able to assist you no matter where you are!!

Imagine having access to a wealth of knowledge from all of these areas in one place, from people you can trust, for an EXTREMELY low cost...


Health Education & Empowerment

PA's are experts in general medicine who undergo rigorous medical training in order to diagnose, treat and prescribe medicine for medical conditions.


For practical and legal reasons Edward Williams PA-C can not give personal medical advice here on this platform.


Meet Your Goals

Fitness programs designed specifically for you!

NASM Personal trainer certifications are the most sought after in the personal trainer industry, as its systems and methodologies represent the “gold standard” in fitness.


Health and Longevity

Nutrtion for weight loss is not synonymous with health, but nutrition is always synonymous with a healthy weight.

Our nutrition recommendations are based on a foundation of health & longevity.

The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate is the most rigorous and demanding of its kind.


Healthy & effective fat loss, minus the gimmicks.

We focus on developing skills for improving your health and weight vs diets or any other stressful and unsustainable tactics.


At H-BAMN we value the importance of education. It has been in my own experience that clinically, the more a patient actually understands, not only will their chances of being successful improve, but their level of empowerment increases so much that it transcends the health arena and as a result seeps into their life as a whole.
We understand that to permanently make a lifestyle change, you must actually understand it, accept it as a beneficial aspect of your life and then purposely practice it with determination daily!
We take the intimidation out of scientifically based information, and break it down to its essence. In other words, we get to the nucleus of the matter when it comes to your Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset.


We understand the constant struggles that many go through in their endeavors to loss weight and improve their health.

Despite the best efforts of many, some still find themselves coming up short.

If you fall into one of these categories, then H-BAMN SELF CARE Academy is for you.

  • Feel like you lack time 
  • Feeling confused about all the constant mis-education and rules to lose weight and improve your health, while trying them all with no results.
  • Frustrated with the unlimited amount of confusing information, constantly coming your way, with all promising to be right and exact. 
  • Don't have access to a gym or the know how in creating your own workout program .
  • Tired of counting your calories, weighing your food, eating every 3 hours and engulfing 6 meals a day, all to come to the realization that not only is your life is now centered around your food, but that is has also become your oppressor.
  • Feel burndened with the daily responsibilities and expectations that one must fulfill, whether it be the busy role of mother, father, or manager.
  • Busy individuals who feel that family, work or other obligations leaves them little to no time to take the proper steps to loose weight and improve their health. 
  • Just the lack of motivation, and more...

At H-BAMN, our motto is, “improve your health, and your weight will follow”.

Health trumps weight loss every time, and one of the side effect of improving your health, happens to be homeostatic weight loss.

This means your body will naturally decide where your weight should be, while improving health.

This is important, because being skinny does not make you healthy, and being healthy, does not mean being skinny.

We all have our own set bio-makeup, determined by our genetics, making it irresponsible of certain “industries” to constantly push being skinny as the picture of health.

At H-BAMN we have packages that cater to the individual, by designing a formula for you based on your individuality.



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