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Do You Have High Blood Pressure?

Well, the first thing you should do is RELAX! Next, there are two crucially important things you need to understand before we go any further.
  1. High Blood Pressure is NOT a Disease!
  2. High blood pressure does NOT run in your family, nor does being Black make you genetically susceptible to it, the way we have been conditioned to believe based on medical fairy tales
All of this may come as a shock, mainly since this may be your first time hearing information like this. However, this is why we did an entire 2-hour webinar called "The Truth About Blood Pressure." I won't go in depth here, but I will cover a couple of necessary things about the two
points listed above.

High Blood Pressure is NOT a disease!

So once again this is something that we thoroughly explained in our webinar "The Truth About
Blood Pressure." To build your foundation firmly on Blood Pressure, please start by watching
this FREE class.
The term "disease" actually has a definition. None of those criteria are met by the condition Hypertension, aka High blood pressure.
This matters, because research shows that being diagnosed with a chronic disease can cause a person a great deal of distress as well as being placed on an emotional roller coaster.
When someone is informed that, they have a disease, most, automatically associate the condition with "death." From this association of early death, they will now make moves based on fear, because most people don't want to die early, if they can help it.
However, this mix of a misunderstanding plus fear will shape and mold your approach to this so-called disease. This is a problem because you may cause yourself more harm than good, plus
waste valuable time, while still missing the understanding of the purpose of your blood pressure
being high.


A Case for Misinterpretation. 

High blood pressure mostly comes down to being a signal, liken to a check engine light. Let’s say you were driving home one day, and your check engine light came on. Would you,
A.) cut the wires leading to the dashboard, that way you no longer see the check engine light?
Or would you...
B.) take the car to your mechanic or try to figure out the problem yourself and fix it?
I’m guessing you would choose B.
To come to the conclusion of B, a logical thought process took place. That logical thought process understood that the effect, has a cause, and that the cause was not the effect.
In this scenario, we understood that cutting the wires to the check engine light does not solve the problem the engine light was trying alert us too. Not only that, since the wire's cut, we are not even sure what the initial problem was. In fact, the very reason you have the check engine light is to warn and raise awareness that something is wrong or not optimal with your engine. With all the potential damage that the check engine light could be warning you about, it safe to say that the check engine light is an ally. However, by cutting it, you have now treated an ally like an enemy.
This thought process is something that I could continue to use examples for over in over. However, I think you get the point.
When I think about high blood pressure, along with many other so-called “diseases,” and how they are “treated,” I can’t help but think of these scenarios.
What is the root cause? Is it really a “disease” or is it  a sign denoting other underlying factors? Should it really be treated and if so, then how? These are just a few questions that should be asked with all “disease”. Why? Because not asking them may lead you down the road of aggressively treating a problem that is not actually a problem, but rather a sign or symptom. And like I said before, treating signs and symptoms is just like cutting the wires to the dashboard check engine lights. 


The Daily Assault You Never Knew! 

Did you know that the cardiovascular system is over 60,000 miles in distant? Just to put this into
perspective, the circumference of planet earth is 25,000 miles in circumference. Which, means that the cardiovascular system of a human could wrap around the planet earth 2.5 times!
With so much distance, there is also so much that could potentially go wrong. That's why your cardiovascular system needs a monitoring system that is continuously taking in the stimuli from the internal environment of the cardiovascular system. With this stimuli/ feedback/ information, the system will now make intelligent responses and adaptations, that will give your system the best possible chance to continue to fulfill its purpose. This monitoring system can be called the brain of the cardiovascular system.
This monitoring system aka the brain of your cardiovascular system is also the largest endocrine organ in your body, and most people have most likely never heard of it. It's called the Endothelium.

The Endothelium! 

The endothelium is the innermost lining of the artery. This endocrine organ acts as a monitoring and correcting station, that is continuously working to ensure that the blood flows and behaves appropriately. Also, it also manufactures and secretes hormones locally and directly into the bloodstream.
The endothelium does a lot, far to much to cover here, but we cover this in our free webinar. For the right now, what you should know is, when something isn’t quite right, the endothelium sends out certain hormones and mediators to get things in balance. When the endothelium is damaged and can’t do its job, the blood vessels constrict, become inflamed, and may even leak. Blood vessel walls become thicker, stiffer, and less able to dilate upon command. Clots are more likely to form, and there is an increase in oxidative stress.
This is called Endothelial dysfunction and for most people, this is what's causing their blood pressure to be increased. Better yet, this is what your increased blood pressure is adapting to and warning you about.
When the damage to the endothelium continues to progress, this is when we eventually start to see things like Heart attacks, Strokes, Kidney disease, ect. High blood pressure is simply a misunderstood product of it's environment. Our response should not be to attack and mainly focus on the blood pressure for the sake of treatment, but instead, we should work towards stopping the assault and repairing the endothelial lining of the artery.


Hopefully, by now, you understand that your blood pressure is NOT the enemy here. High blood pressure is the body's adaption to the damage that has taken place to the endothelium.
Now that we have that covered, it's time for the $42 billion dollar question. How do we stop the damage and repair the endothelium?
Both answers are simple and also cheap, but not necessarily easy to do.
Question: How do we stop the damage? Answer: Stop the assault via the toxic stressors that many of us take in multiple times on a daily basis. This would be the processed foods, sugary or calorie-containing drinks, alcohol, and smoking or drugs. These are some of the major culprits that are launching a daily war on your endothelium. 
Question: How do we repair the endothelium? Answer: Honestly, for the most part, the endothelium-like many other aspects of our body will heal itself. This healing process, however, does require that we stay out of the way (via avoiding toxic foods) and also provide it with the proper nutrients via whole foods, proper movement, deep breathing, and water.
As I said before, the answers are very simple, but not necessarily easy to do. This is why we have created coaching programs to help you out with all of the things listed above.
In addition to that, we have also created a product that makes it incredibly easy to provide your endothelium with high levels of antioxidant and phytochemicals with very little work or prep.


That all sounds great, but let's keep it real! 

So here's the solution, with no chaser. Eat when hungry and stop when full, Eat real whole foods mostly leafy greens, fast, drink mainly water, exercise, get sunlight, deep breath, work towards fulfilling your goals and enjoy time with family.
Once again, all easier said than done, and I definitely get it. We are busy, we have multiple things going on, we are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, and many of us are stressed.However, this doesn't  mean you don't deserve health. In fact, degeneration and disease don't care about any of those things you have going on.
Degeneration and disease work on very simple principles. If the body is not provided with the proper material for health, the degeneration and disease process will take place. 
Unfortunately, many of us have suffered the loss of a loved one in our lives who were great people, worked hard for their family and loved unconditionally. However, once again, degeneration and disease work on very simple principles that doesn't take into account the character of an individual.
So what do we do? Do we continue to work hard, love hard and die early? Do we continue to push the medical fairy tale of these things running in our family? Do we continue to wait for the perfect opportunity to come before we take action? Absolutely NOT! We must take action NOW!
However, the problem with the way many people try to take action when they are moving based on fear is, they try to take on too much at one time, then they quickly become overwhelmed with it all and never return.
The key to success for people who are struggling to improve their health starts with several things. Two of them are ease and automation.  


Antioxidant Therapy! 

In my book "The Blood Pressure Manifesto", I have a 10 step system to improve your circulation. One of the 10 steps I talked about were the benefits of drinking tea on a daily basis.
Now in this recommendation, I wasn’t talking about just any cup of tea, I was specifically talking about teas that came along with a wealth of actual research that proves its benefits for improving the function of the endothelium.
One of the most researched teas as it pertains to high blood pressure and also one of my favorites is a tea called Hibiscus.
Hibiscus tea has a unique look and taste to it, as well as a unique set of antioxidants that provide nutritional therapy to the endothelium, which assist in repairing your arteries, thus improving your blood pressure.
In fact, in several studies, a daily consumption of Hibiscus tea, was not only shown to improve blood pressure by just a couple points, the decrease in BP was shown to be about 7-10 points on average. 
Once again, this wasn't due to the hibiscus tea directly working to lower blood pressure. It was due to the high amounts of several specific antioxidants that were being introduced to the endothelium on a daily basis. This then leads to an improvement in the function of the endothelium, thus lowering blood pressure.
I really hope you understood how that went. The antioxidants provided therapy to the endothelium, thus improving its function. This improvement in function then leads to a change in the internal environment of the cardiovascular system, which no longer needed to respond to the heightened toxic environment with the ADAPTATION of high blood pressure.


The graph over to the left is the results of a four-week study that was done comparing Hibiscus vs Lisinopril, which is one of the top prescribed blood pressure medication. The thing I want you to grab from this study is that this was done on NIGERIANS with mild to moderate hypertension. How often are you given advice or research that is genetically relevant to you? I will answer that for you, RARELY!
This was a double-blind controlled randomized clinical study, which essentially means it's the Beyonce of studies!  Group A received a placebo, Group B was given lisinopril (10 mg once daily) and  Group C received Hibiscus tea (150 mg/kg/day). 
The results? Hibiscus and lisinopril both significantly showed a decrease in blood pressure, however Hibiscus show to be more effective.
Lastly, it's extremely important to mention that, several participants had to stop the study early due to the side effects of the Lisinopril medications, such as a chronic dry cough. As far as the Hibiscus tea, there were absolutely no side effects.
But don't take my word for it, have a look for yourself => Nigerian Study 1
Still not convinced? Let's look at another Nigerian based study with Hibiscus vs Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ), which is usually prescribed to African Americans as a starting therapy.
Once again these patients had mild to moderate hypertension and once again both HCTZ and Hibiscus tea showed a significant decrease in blood pressure and once again, Hibiscus beat out the medication!
Let's look at the numbers and I need you to follow me on this one because I am about to drop a BOMB.
At the end of the 4-week treatment, systolic BP (SBP) decreased by 12.9 mmHg with HCTZ and 17.08 mmHg with Hibiscus. There were similar results with the diastolic numbers as well. HCTZ decreased diastolic by 9.50 mmHg and Hibiscus decreased diastolic by 11.12 mmHg.
 However, 1-week after withdrawal of treatment, the fall in SBP, DBP in the Hibiscus group were still significant compared to those of placebo, while blood pressure returned to baseline levels in HCTZ group!!
How could the blood pressure return right back to where it started after stopping the medications? That's because medications do not address the issue, which is endothelial dysfunction!
Again there were no side effects for the Hibiscus group unlike the side effects experienced for the HCTZ, such as potassium depletion, cramps, and frequent urination. But once again, don't take my word for it, have a look for yourself => Nigerian Study 2

Introducing PRESSURE- T

Here at H-BAMN, our mission is to aggressively defend and radically improve the health conditions of our community, By Any Means Necessary.
One of the many ways we are going achieve this is by providing healthier alternatives to improve our health condition, without taking medications, for those who are able.
Now, we are such big fans of hibiscus tea and the science that supports it, that we have designed our own special loose leaf blend called PRESSURE- T.
Not only did we designed this tea with a base of hibiscus, we also added in a couple of other ingredients, that not only supports a healthy endothelium but also enhances the taste by giving it a berry flavor to it as well.
My advice of drinking tea has been one of the easiest things for my patients and clients to implement in their busy lives because of it's really as simple as boiling a pot water for the day…...and that’s it!


Now, of course, you can find your basic box of hibiscus tea bags at your local store, but here's the thing.
The leaves used in most bags are actually the "dust and fannings" from broken tea leaves. This is a huge compromise in the quality of the tea compared to full leaf tea.
This basic store bought tea bags have lost most of their essential oils and aroma. Whereas whole leaf teas provide you with more flavor, aroma, antioxidants, and pleasure than those tiny little bags of mass produce stale tea dust found in stores. #theydontloveyou
Even more so, it’s going to be hard to find a blend of tea like the one we have designed with rose hips, blueberry and cranberry. 

TAKE ACTION NOW! The future generation is depending on us.

Look, there are two major problems that most people run into when trying to improve their blood pressure?
1. The individual doesn't really understand what high blood pressure is and
2. Their lives are so busy, that doesn't take any action.
Now we have already taken care of the first problem for you by giving you access to our free 2 hour webinar, The Truth about High Blood Pressure, and now we would like for you to allow us to help you out with the second problem, which is the lack of action, by inviting you to join our Pressure- T membership.
Now, I am a certified Physician Assistant and I see hundreds of patients on a monthly basis, and I wouldn’t make any recommendations to you, that I wouldn’t make to my own patients, and I definitely recommend “Pressure-T”.
In fact, this is the same tea that both my mom and my dad drink as well.
Now here’s what we’re going to do for you, just click the button below to join our brand new membership, and not only will we send you a bag of our custom blend loose leaf herbal tea called “Pressure - T”, you will also get TONS of FREE bonuses!

What you will get when you sign up now. 

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However, I am doing this because we are so confident that you will love our product, that you will eventually upgrade your order in the future so that you can reap the full benefits that we have to offer.
Now again, remember what I said problem #2 was? That’s right, lack of action. This is something that I have seen in so many patients and people in general, and I don’t want you to fall into the same trap.
TAKE ACTION now, and put your blood pressure improvement on automation by joining our Pressure -T membership.

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Pressure - T 

Pressure - T (Loose Leaf Herbal Tea) 2 bags - 3 oz. each

Circulation support





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Circulation Meal plans! 

Circulation meal plans are a series of 7 day meal plans that have been designed by a nutritionist and Physician Assistant specifically for circulation improvement (blood pressure).
With these 7 day meal plans, every 4 weeks you will receive new meal plans, fully equipped with
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With these 7 day meal plans, every 4weeks you will receive new meal plans, fully equipped with
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7 Keys to Optimal Blood Pressure

In this extremely convenient program you will learn:
|  Key #1- Where your mental focus needs to be
| Key #2- High Blood Pressure is NOT a disease!
| Key #3- How body fat really puts the pressure on your vessels
| Key #4- The lowest cost blood pressure improving drink
| Key #5- Where your nutritional focus should be
| Key #6- Where your Fitness focus should be.
| Key #7- How your THUMBS make your blood pressure skyrocket! 
Because you're Busy ...
Your stressed out and you don't have all day searching article and article, research and research, fact finding and myth busting what works and what doesn't work, so I did that for you in video, audio and PDF format.
Not only have I done that for you but I have also been using these very same keys with my own patience to not only help them to improve their blood pressure but to also get them off of their medications as well.
That's why we created a quick and easy to digest program that I can't wait to share with you and it's called “The 7 Keys to Optimal Blood Pressure “
You see, I made this program with a couple of things in mind.
I know you're probably busy and have tons of things going on, but you still need an efficient way to receive this information in a timely manner
Confusion and chaos. You need the the information that will get you results while being presented in a clear and direct manner, minus the chaos of 1000 choices and must do tactics that only end up paralyzing you.
With the 7KTOBP you will find clear, direct, easily digestible and highly effective methods for you to focus on.

And if that wasn't enough, we have also included several bonuses to make this process of improving your blood even easier.

We have also included several lessons & cheat sheets that contain high impact info in the form of infographics. In these cheat sheet we cover everything from

  • Food recommendations
  • Beverages to drink
  • The effects of exercise on blood pressure
  • Proper blood pressure techniques tips
  • And more

Improve your Blood Pressure with only 2 cups a day!

Multiple studies have shown the power and benefits of what 2 cups a day of Hibiscus tea can do for your Blood Pressure: 

That’s right! Hibiscus tea was found to be as effective as a starting dose of both of these meds, but here’s the best part. Hibiscus tea did all of this without absolutely no side effects!
That means:

  • No electrolyte imbalance
  • No increased urination
  • No muscle cramps
  • No annoying dry cough
  • No sexual dysfunctions
  • And all the other side effects that comes along with these meds


Pressure - T 

Pressure - T (Loose Leaf Herbal Tea) 2 bags - 3 oz. each

Circulation support





| Natural flavors

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