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Get the TRUTH & Improve your Blood Pressure 

Many of us have been given a false, shallow and misleading understanding about high blood pressure, which has created a multi-billion dollar market to treat a "disease" that is not actually a "disease". Not only is high blood pressure not a disease, treatment with medications may cause more harm than good.

Join this controversial training series and arm yourself with the TRUTH for free.


What is blood pressure?

Most people don't even think about the FUNCTION of blood pressure. Understand this will help you ask quality question.

Blood pressure vs High BP

Learn about the process that increases your blood pressure and "why".

Causes of high blood pressure

So many people in our community believes that high blood pressure is something that runs in our families. Learn what actually increases your blood pressure. Spoiler alert, it's NOT because your Black!

Medications & side effects

Not only are medications not necessary for most, BUT they also don't work! Many of the medications comes with side effects that are both harsh and cruel. Cruel because some actually increase your chances of strokes and becoming diabetic. 

Natural Improvements

Improving your BP is not as hard as you may think, but there are a couple things that can't be missed.

How we can help you

As a certified Physician Assistant, Fitness trainer, Nutritionist and being licensed to practice medicine, I have helped many of my clients and patients improve their blood pressure as well as get off medications. Learn how we can possibly help you as well.


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